Revolutionizing Visualizations with 3D Holographic Projector

Have you ever found it difficult to analyse and visualise 3D objects in a 2D plane? Do you wish to see dynamic movements of 3D objects in real-time? If yes, then a 3D holographic projector could be the solution to your problem. Holographic projection of objects around us can create easy visualisation of models that can be used in education fields like architecture and modelling softwares like SolidWorks, Autocad, etc. Although there are solutions available in the market, they are either too sophisticated or too expensive. Hence, we aim to build a 3D holographic projector that can revolutionize the way we visualise 3D objects.

My team is working on building a 3D holographic projector that will allow us to visualize 3D objects with four different views simultaneously. The pyramid-based technique allows us to project the hologram in four different directions - left, right, front and back. The hologram can be controlled dynamically, and even by hand gestures such as swipe, pinch and grab, or through trackpads that can interact with multiple objects.

Link to my naive course report

Written on June 1, 2016