Generated high-quality biometric fingerprints by adding a trained Siamese neural network to CycleGAN. With this new model, fingerprints of one domain could be converted to other.

Built an automated messenger bot that can respond with quotes and images to keywords by user. Used Facebook Send/Receive API and Flask python framework for web request handling

  • Concept Lattice using Titan Graph Database

Stored and queried a Concept Lattice stored in Titan distributed Graph Database. Used Hadoop and HBase at the storage backend

  • iitpipe Driver

Implemented pipe by building a Kernel Module to pipe two programs with delay. Measured performance of the pipe by using different delay and buffer sizes

  • 3D Holographic Projector

Created a product which displayed 3D-projections inside a glass pyramid that can be manipulated by hand gestures. Solved the problem of 3D visualization through the product using leap motion technology. This project won 3rd prize at the college level Design Practicum Open House.

  • Medical Record Automation

Developed a web app that enabled patients to book appointments online and retrieve medical records. Accessed information that was stored in a MySQL database

  • Password Based Door Lock System

Built a prototype in which a person has to enter correct pin in a keypad which then powers a motor connected to Arduino to unlock the door. Option to change the password was provided.